Founded jointly by Wuhan Scientific Research & Design Institute of the State Administration for Grain Reservation and the backbone of the technological contingents of the former Hubei Grain Machinery Works, Wuhan Zhongliang Machinery Co., Ltd is an enterprise which integrates scientific research, technical development, machine manufacturing and marketing. It devotes itself to the development and manufacturing of the unit machines and integrated equipment for rice milling as well as to designing and undertaking rice milling projects. The company consists of a product developing center and the departments of production, marketing and accounting etc. the product developing center designs all the machine products by means of CAD technique. The production workshop, is equipped with all sorts of facilities for the machine manufacturing processes such as forging and pressing, machining, plate work, painting, assembling and so on. The company is run by the general manager Mr. Xiao Chongye, the vice director and chief engineer of the former Hubei Grain Machinery Works and a senior engineer. Taking rice whiteners, rice polishers and integrated rice milling equipment as its leading machine products, the company has a number of capable high-tech personnel and some well-known experts specialized in grain engineering and grain machine design.

  As the firm’s slogans saying that “Understanding the present by reviewing the past” and “Zhongliang rice milling equipment are the Chinese people’s own machines”, the company will consistently develop new technology, new technique and new equipment so as to provide our clients with the most satisfying rice mills on the basis of our first-rate equipment, perfect technological process, modern philosophy and excellent service. “Zhongliang Machinery” desires to further solidify the ties and friendship with the grain processing enterprises and keep on development with them together.